BIG NEWS – Change is in the air!!!

We have some BIG news!!! We are super excited and have decided to sell our house in order to move to closer to the lake property, have the finances to build our main cabin and take the steps closer to eventually move off grid full time! And NO… This is not an April Fools Joke… Thanks for following our journey!

Making A Live Edge Maple Burl Table For My Off Grid Cabin!!!

This live edge maple burl flip up table for my off grid cabin turned out AMAZING!!! The figure and coloring of this slab is absolutely stunning. Using a combination of hand tools and power tools to cut the joinery and shape the profiles of the leg, I am more than happy with the results. I can’t wait to get this up to the property and installed in the cabin! Thanks for following the journey!

Japanese Joinery – Build a Step Stool

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Watch as I build a step stool using Japanese joinery. This woodworking project is perfect for the beginner who is looking for a project with hand cut joinery.   Using simple through tenon joinery highlighted by wedges, this timeless and functional piece of furniture was a woodworking project that I truly enjoyed building.

DIY Hand Made Copper & Wood Entry Light

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I needed a light for my front entrance… So I decided to make a wall sconce style entry light out of copper and cedar. Enjoy!
Check Out Jon Peters Painting of Jimi Hendrix with Rust & Steel Here! 


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Check out my first attempt at a Japanese Kumiko project as I build a set of lamps for my bedside tables. I will definitely be doing another one!

Part 1: In The Shop Compilation Video

I thought that since many of you might be new to my channel, that I would put together a compilation video highlighting some of my favorite shop projects over the past 2 years. This is part one in a two part series…Enjoy!

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The Chisel of POWER! By Alec Steele!

We lost something irreplaceable when we stopped making our own tools. This chisel project has inspired me to make more of my own tools. It’s time to learn blacksmithing!

Samurai Chisel Part 1:…

Samurai Chisel Part 2:…

Makita BL Impact Driver Review

Makita sent me an Impact Driver about six months ago. Since then, I have used it and abused it and here is what I think about it.