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I know that I shared #95 on Kyle Toth’s channel a while back, but you gotta check out #96 -Segmented Woodturning - it’s a total work of art made of Walnut and Ebony… and do yourself a favor, watch...
I bet you have never tried this before. It is a centuries old woodworking technique that adds strength and longevity as well as beauty to your wood buildings. Saws: Plans: Category How-to & Style
I'm still a nube when it comes to wood turning on the lathe but here are some finishing tips I have learned thus far. Samurai Tool Store:
I thought building doors would be boring but this project challenged me and taught me a lot and best of all, brought a new appreciation and meaning to the word door. Samurai Tools:
The one thing you never skimp on when building a house is proper drainage! Do it right the first time so you never have to do it again. Tool Store:
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