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A couple guys contacted me about setting up my Alaskan chainsaw mill with a winch after seeing my last video. A Big thank you to those guys because this thing works like a dream now! Check it out!
Ever wonder what a Japanese tool box looks like. Take a look at the sharp twist 😉 I put on a classic design. Everyone loves dual purpose! Thanks for watching. Shapton water stones: Tool box plans: Sharp Skate Sharpening Jig:...
I know that for me, when it comes to creating amazing woodworking projects inspiration is absolutely key.  Which is why I am suggesting that you check out this video by Peter Brown who demonstrates a very cool wood bending...
Here are a couple tips for installing siding on your house or outbuilding. Stay tuned to meet the new apprentice and I am drawing a new winner for my hand forged Tanto Knife. The winner is..... Website: Tool Store:
If you haven’t yet checked-out Kyle Toth’s channel – this guy delivers! Watch this stunning video as he turns out his Serona Segmented Vase.  The reveal at 7:24 will make your Jaw Drop – Enjoy!
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